How to Scan Photos and Documents Without a Scanner in 2022

Scanning documents call for a scanner or copier machine. But, what do you do if you’re looking to get some documents scanned, but do not have a scanner? Find out how to scan documents with no scanner at your home.

What is the traditional way people scan documents?

In the 1990s and 2000s, There were gadgets created solely for the intention of scanning paper documents. For instance, a flatbed scanner is something that many households or households in the 1990s and 2000s are familiar with.

A flatbed scanner is an electronic device that is able to optically scan any kind of document (or paper) and transform it into digital images. For scanning, you need to remove the cover that covers the scanner, then places the documents on glass windows. The scanner emits an intense light that moves across at the very top slowly from the top down to the bottom to gather optical information from the paper that you are scanning.

If you do not own a flatbed scan device at your house, you might confront the daunting question: how do I scan my documents with no scanning device at my home?

Three ways to scan your documents without a scanner at home

The process of scanning your documents without the use of a scanner appears to be a difficult task. For the majority of people who find themselves in this tense situation Here are three great alternatives to scan your documents without a scanner at home.


Technique 1. Find a person with a scanner, copier, or scanner.

The first reaction of most users is to imagine every person who might possess scanners at home. With just one or two individuals in mind, your next task is to contact them and send them an urgent message and desperation and keep an ounce of faith in your heart they’ll agree and be generous enough to assist you to get your document scanned.

However, the likelihood of any attempt to discover the owner of an operational flatbed scanner in their home today will be a waste of time, with odds being as low as zero. In the majority of households flatbed scanners are thought of as outdated, space-wasting machines that are not used as often they are no longer thought to be a part of the house, and perhaps are already being discarded at the beginning of 2010. It is possible to scan your documents with no scanner in your home.

While a wide range of second-generation, contemporary flatbed scanners was available to the public, however, they were typically in the form of a 3-in-1 gadget (scanner printer and the fax) that were typically utilized in workplaces and offices rather than at home. This means that there’s no way to scan documents with the use of a scanner at home.

Technique 2. Take a trip to take a picture or go to a print shop

Going out to go to a photo or print shop could seem like the right choice. In the end, staying at home wouldn’t aid in scanning documents without a scanner home. But what many do not know is that getting something scanned in print or photoshops can cost quite a bit, particularly when you plan to scan only a couple of pages. This is what happens to the majority of those who are looking to scan their documents on an emergency basis but without having a scanner in their home.

Here’s the reason why visiting a print or photoshop is costly. There is the first cost of transport to get there to get the printer. Print shops are typically small and remote and difficult to find. Then, print or photoshops can charge between $2 and $3 per page for scanning. It is possible to pay more in order to have the file converted to PDF format and then send it via email to the address you have provided. Finally, you’ll have three or four hours of time which you will never be able to return.

Imagine you’ve missed one page, and you have to go back to rescan. Does that sound frightening? This is the reason we require an option to scan our documents with no scanning device at the home.

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Technique 3. Capture a photo with your camera, then convert it into a PDF

What can you do to scan documents with no scanner at home? capture a photograph of it. Digital cameras can be utilized for the same reasons as flatbed scanners and integrated scanners. Does that sound appealing? This could be the ideal method of scanning documents without the need for a scanner at home.

But, when compared to a scanner the camera can be subject to issues such as shadows, distortion, reflections, inadequate light, and blur because of unsteady hands or shaking of the camera. But, it offers the greatest benefits that speed, portability. And more importantly, it is done from the comfort of your home.

Scanner apps are a more efficient way to scan

An alternative to scan your documents without using a scanner in your home is to use an application such as the PDF Scanner Professional. PDF Scanner Pro allows you to scan any type of documents such as receipts, letters, and bills directly from your smartphone camera. Scanned documents can be created digitally with the exact same results as a flatbed scanner or a dedicated scanner.

  • Turn your smartphone into a scanner. Scan receipts and documents or any other paper with your phone. You can also scan documents with no scanner at home
  • High-quality scanningCreate high-quality, crystal clear scans that meet the most demanding of business needs.
  • Generate PDF – Create PDF files from scans. Transform receipts, documents, and even any paper item into PDF files
  • Email sharing Share a scan by email is simple. Simply click on “Email Scan and send it to yourself or someone else via email”.
  • Convert images into text with OCR Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature to transform your images into text.

You’ll get more features than you thought to scan documents using a scanner at home. the PDF Scanner Pro.

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Make your smartphone an image scanner at home

Scanning using the PDF scanner Pro is simple. Simply place your camera in the vicinity of the document you wish to scan. the PDF scanner Pro app will scan the image and generate an electronic clone or copy of it using the app. Send the PDF document to yourself or to anyone who requires it.

PDF Scanner Pro is the top scanner app that is rated highly in the iOS App Store, with over 1 million+ download, 4.5 Stars, and 1,200+ ratings in the iOS App Store as of October 2018.

If you’re thinking about how to scan your documents without the use of a scanner at home, should check out The PDF Scanner Pro.

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