How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook ? Latest Trick 2022

The latest version of the Facebook User Interface (UI) offers a pleasant upgrade and a smooth transition from the previous version. As the dark mode option is a favorite choice in apps and other applications, it is only natural that Facebook should also take note of the new feature to Enable dark mode on facebook.

Regardless of compatibility, each application or device has a different process of setting dark mode on Facebook and Messenger. This article walks you through the various methods based on the app used and the operating system, such as Windows 10, macOS Catalina, Android 10+, and iOS 13+.

Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Mac and Windows Browsers


To enable Dark Mode for Facebook in a Windows or macOS browser, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure to click on the downward-facing arrow that is located in the upper-right corner of Facebook.
  2. Click on Display & Accessibility.
  3. Look for Dark Mode under the settings Then, move your slider left to turn on the option. Facebook pages will show with black backgrounds rather than white.

NOTE: When switching from dark mode to light setting on Facebook (while using a browser) the settings change across all Facebook pages. Every page that is accessible, including Messenger that is in dark mode, will have a dark interface automatically. In the event that you’re using a web browser to connect to Facebook Messenger, you’ll need to follow the same steps as in the previous paragraph.

There are some users who may see the possibility to move to the latest Facebook. If you are presented with this option, then switch onto the latest Facebook after which you’ll get the option to switch to dark mode.

Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android and iOS

As mentioned earlier, Messenger apps for iOS and Android come with features like the Dark Mode feature, and it’s been in use for quite some time. Facebook recently released its Dark Mode setting to iOS and Android devices. Like we said previously, it’s the universal darkness mode setting for Android 10 and above (or iOS 13 and above) isn’t changing Facebook significantly or at all at the moment.

Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android and iOS


Enable Facebook Dark Mode in the Android App

To enable dark mode on Facebook’s Android Facebook app, follow these steps:

  • When you are on the Facebook Home tab, you can tap on the “hamburger” menu icon, which is 3 horizontal lines.
  • Select “Settings & Privacy” on your main menu.
  • Choose “Dark Mode” to display the options that you can customize.
  • Choose “On” to turn on Dark mode.

If you’ve previously changed your device’s settings to dark mode, you may also choose the System. This setting will mean that your Facebook application will switch to the dark or light modes, based on the Android settings.

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Enable Facebook Dark Mode in iOS

Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android and iOS

The release of Facebook Dark Mode on iOS is now live. Follow the instructions in the following steps.

  • On Facebook Home click on the “hamburger” menu icon that is located in the lower-right corner.
  • Choose “Settings & Privacy” from the main menu, and then select “Dark Mode” from the menu that is expanded.
  • Then, choose on and the System to activate the dark mode.

If you select the System option, Facebook will mimic the settings of your phone (i.e. the dark and light modes respectively).

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode in iOS

For enabling Dark Mode, which is the Dark Mode setting on the iOS Facebook Messenger app, follow these steps:

  • Choose your profile photo, located in the upper-left corner.
  • Select the “Dark Mode” “Dark Mode” option.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode in Android

For those who use Facebook Messenger on an Android device, you can comply with these instructions:

  • Start Facebook Messenger and then tap the profile icon located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap on Dark Mode.
  • Tap the bubble that is next to on.

Dark Mode for Facebook and Facebook Messenger Lite

In January 2022, dark mode is now available for all Facebook platforms, including Facebook Lite. If you’re using Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite user, it’s essential to be aware of the fact that Facebook Messenger Lite does not have the dark-mode option. That means that you’ll be required to activate Dark Mode on Facebook Lite as well as Messenger Lite will also switch to a darker setting.

Here’s how to enable dark mode in Messenger, the Lite Version of Facebook and Messenger:

  • Tap on the horizontal line with the three vertical menus located in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on Dark Mode.
  • Switch the toggle to turn on dark mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dark Mode is still relatively new to Facebook followers. While it’s a great feature, you might have additional questions. Read on for all the responses to frequently asked questions.

I can’t find the option to switch to Dark Mode. What’s happening?

At one point at the moment, one of the more asked queries we were asked. Facebook slowly introduced Dark Mode to select users but only on select devices. Today, it is available to everyone who has the mentioned devices. If, however, you don’t get Dark Mode, you’re missing out. Dark Mode option, we have to look a bit more.

In the first place, if you’re using Facebook, or the Facebook app for iOS or Android make sure you’re running the most recent version. This is crucial because it was a brand new update that introduced Dark Mode to us. If your application isn’t updated make sure you upgrade your application.

Then, if you’re using a web-based browser it’s possible that you’re running an old version. At the time Dark Mode was first released it was available only on New Facebook. Press the arrow icon located in the upper right-hand corner on Facebook and then look for a change to New Facebook. The option will not be available at all until 2021 however, as we’ve already said that if you’re operating an older version it will be necessary to switch to New Facebook before the option is available.

Is Dark Mode better?

The majority of users would prefer Dark Mode because it looks more attractive. It has also been reported it is because Dark Mode puts less strain on the eyes and doesn’t alter the levels of melatonin (meaning it’s impossible to get sleepy after playing with your phone prior to you going to bed.)

Dark Mode also uses less battery power than the brighter alternative. In general, Dark Mode is a very popular feature, and for a good reason. But, there are some who prefer the traditional interface, this is the reason you’re able to change back to Dark Mode if you’d prefer.

My Facebook was set to Dark Mode, and now it’s not. What’s happened?

In May 2021, users faced an issue that led to the iOS as well as Android Versions of Facebook returning to the old interface. Fortunately, it was a minor glitch that Facebook developers quickly fixed. The fix was easy for those who encountered the issue closing or forced to close the Facebook application, then reopen it.

If, for any reason, it happens that your Facebook returns to its original white background, simply close the app and reopen it again. Of course, you’ll have to also upgrade the app on the App Store or Google Play Store if the issue persists.

Are you enjoying dark mode on Facebook and Facebook Messenger? Did our guide help you? Tell us via the comment section below!

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