How to Check Battery Health for an Android Phone? Latest Updated Guide 2022

Do you want to know how to check the health of your battery on Android? Learn how you can narrow your Android device’s status on battery life.

As time passes, you’ll most likely run into issues with the smartphone’s battery. Since battery life is limited, storms decrease in performance as time passes. After a while, they will not hold the same amount of charge as they used to when they were brand new.

You’ll likely want to ensure your phone’s battery’s health as long as you can. We’ll help you examine and monitor the health of your battery on Android to ensure your device is operating as smoothly as you can.

Can You Check Battery Health on Android Natively?

Can You Check Battery Health on Android Natively?

However, Android does not provide an integrated method to monitor your battery’s health. If you’re not aware, Android offers some basic battery information within its Settings menu, but it’s not comprehensive.

To check out the display for yourself, go to settings > battery and then tap to reveal the three dots menu on the right-hand side. From the menu, click the button for battery use.

There will be a list of applications that have used up the most battery from your device since the latest full recharge on the screen that appears. To view the complete list, click the three dots option button on the top right and show all device usage to show the use of applications running on the system, including the OS and the screen itself.

Although this won’t allow you to control the health of your Android’s battery, however, you can determine apps that are using excessive amounts of hail and limit their use. This keeps your battery in good shape for longer.

Be sure to read our suggestions for preserving the battery on Android to get more assistance.

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Review Android Battery Health Through a Dialer Code

Android comes with several secret codes you can enter into the Phone app to access test menus. One of them shows a range of information regarding your device, including the health of your battery. To access it, use your dialer to

Google Phone

Enter *#*#4636 #*#*.

The menu did not include any battery information in our tests on a Pixel 4 running Android 11. But, you might get better results depending on the model you have. Some phones have a battery information menu, displaying excellent and different health scores.

It’s all battery information Android gives by itself. But you’ll be able to see a variety of indicators of a battery that is running low by yourself. If your smartphone drains quickly even when the phone is not in use or frequently doesn’t last all day, then your battery is likely to be worn out.

To conduct a thorough battery health assessment to ensure that your battery is in good health, Android must use third-party software.

Introducing AccuBattery for Android

AccuBattery is among the top-rated Android applications to get more details about your Android phone’s power. Although it cannot offer as much data as a rooted-only app, it’s the most reliable battery health monitor for Android users who don’t have root access.

How AccuBattery Checks Battery Health

When you’ve installed it, you’ll present you with an introduction screen, which will provide some background information on how AccuBattery operates.

The basic concept of the application is that your smartphone battery can only last a certain amount of charge cycles before the performance drastically decreases when the battery can complete an entire discharge, from 100% to 0. It doesn’t need to happen all at once, though.

In this case, let’s say the phone had drained down from 100 to 50. If you charge it to 100 percent and then let it fall to 50 percent once more, this is equivalent to the entire cycle.

AccuBattery states that by charging your device up to the 80 percent mark instead of the 100 percent charge, you’ll make fewer cycles and increase the battery’s lifespan. AccuBattery gives you a few devices to assist you in staying to this aim.

How to Check Battery Health on Android With AccuBattery

Following the initial setup, you’ll be able to explore the tabs of AccuBattery. However, they’ll not have any information. Because of its nature application, it is recommended to uninstall it while using your mobile the way usual for a few days before you begin to get important information.

To begin, it is best to disconnect your phone from the power source when it is at 80 percent charged. AccuBattery has an alarm feature that will notify you of the charging level. If you’d like to change it, click on the charging tab and drag the blue slider up to a different story.

If your phone is connected to the charger, this tab will also provide information about the time required to charge. As time passes and it gets more precise, it will allow you to determine the length of time your phone will have to be plugged into the charger.

Monitoring Which Apps Use Battery


On the charging tab, You’ll find details about how your phone makes use of energy. It will show how much battery was utilized when you switched your screen on and off and in deeper sleep ( learn about Android’s Doze mode to understand the deep sleep mode better).

Under Access to App Usage, Make sure you permit the app to access the usage information. This provides more details into what apps use up batteries the most.

The app will learn how you utilize your phone; you’ll be able to see time estimates of how long your battery will last based on your current level of charge. It is important to note that this is different from making sure your battery is calibrated. That isn’t necessary.

AccuBattery’s Battery Health Data

Of course, this is tied to how you keep track of how you can monitor your Android smartphone’s battery health. Health tab: health tab displays statistics on battery health by comparing the capacities of the battery with its power as specified by the factory. This lets you know the amount of energy the battery can hold when fully charged compared to what it could have when it was brand new.

To gain more insight, check out the wear and tear of your battery Chart below. It shows the amount of strain you’ve put on your battery every day, so you can understand your routine and make adjustments as necessary.

Check out your History Tab if you’d like to view data from the previous days. Click an entry to display the details for access.

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AccuBattery Options and Pro Upgrade

This is all you have to be aware of when using AccuBattery to track the health of your Android phone’s health and battery. Once you’ve completed setting up, be sure to look over the settings to ensure the app is running in the manner you like it to. Click the 3-dot button in the menu at the top right and select locations to look around.

The options allow you to change your temperature setting, choose Do Not Disturb intervals for the alarm that charges, and change the app’s notifications options. The default setting is that AccuBattery will display a continuous alert with battery information. You can turn off this feature in case you are annoyed by it.

If you are a fan of the app, you might think about purchasing AccuBattery Pro through your app’s purchase. For just a few dollars, you can disable advertisements and gain accessibility to darker themes and see more historical data and add additional battery information on the app’s notification.

See Your Android Battery Health Easily

AccuBattery lets you check the health of your Android battery. Although it’s not ideal, it does provide more detail than the information Android delivers by itself. Take your time for about a week or so after you’ve installed the app, and you’ll be able to use the information that you can apply.

Be aware that you don’t need to worry about your battery’s health all the time. If you don’t drain the battery continuously or put it through intense conditions such as extreme heat, many phones’ batteries are durable enough to last some years of regular usage. It’s a good idea to ensure your battery’s health to the maximum extent possible; however, don’t be obsessed with it.

If you happen to get low on battery, it’s essential to be aware of how to keep your phone charged rapidly.

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