How to Block Unknown Numbers on Android?

Private numbers calls have been a constant problem for any person who answers their phone. From the time of calling IDs, callers have frequently tried to block such calls since they’re either spam or harassment or just plain unsettling. Fortunately, modern phones allow you to stop calls from private numbers.

If you’re using an Android phone, you can block calls from private numbers. This tutorial will show you how.

 How to Block Calls From Private Numbers

At one point, the recipients of calls from private numbers were forced to accept or reject the calls. Fortunately, the developers came up with an opportunity for cell phone users to stop nuisance calls using a feature of blocking calls for the duration of time.

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Here’s how you can stop calls from private number calls in Android:

  1. Install the dialer app on your mobile.
  2. Choose the three dots menu icon on the upper right.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Tap on the block numbers.
  5. Turn off Blocking unknown or private numbers.

This is all you have to do to avoid the annoying calls that come from anonymous numbers. Keep in mind that the above instructions may differ according to the phone’s manufacturer as well as the Android version you’re using.

How Does Call Blocking Work?

If you turn on the option to block calls, your phone won’t ring whenever a number that you’ve blocked is spotted. If you block specific phone numbers or have taken the steps previously mentioned to end all calls that are private or unknown, however, you will not receive notifications that the caller is trying to call you. There won’t be any texts from the number also.

Naturally, the person calling you may leave voicemail messages, which means you’ll not miss any important messages if it’s checked your voicemails.

The blocking of private numbers isn’t always perfect. It’s the blanket ban of any private number, which means relatives or friends who use private numbers will also be banned. This is due to blocking being performed on the phone not via the network.

Keep in mind that some of your acquaintances or family members might have private numbers. It’s recommended to let them know that your phone won’t allow calls from those numbers because the blocking feature doesn’t distinguish between a friend and a foe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few more answers to your most frequently asked questions.

How can I block text messages from private numbers?

Luckily, the steps mentioned above block all communications with private or unknown numbers. This includes text-based messages. There is no additional step necessary to prevent text messages from coming from private numbers.

Can I use third-party software to block calls from private numbers?

Yes! If you’re using an older version of Android the methods we suggest may not be effective for you. However, you can use the Google Play Store offers filled with helpful applications that detect and block calls from private numbers. Some of the most popular apps are Hiya along Truecaller.

If you decide to use an app from a third party to control your phone’s calls, be aware that you’ll need to grant the application to take over the dialer application that comes with your phone. You’ll need to review the reviews before installing to make sure that the app is safe and reliable.

There’s an app to help.

There are numerous applications that claim to block calls on your behalf and carry out various caller identification functions. Android, as well as iPhone both, come with call cancellation built-in, and they have a different value. If you’re not sure if call blocking is working your way, it might be worth checking out this page in Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

It lists applications offering a variety of options, such as blocking callers from private numbers, blocking unknown callers and blocking spam SMS, and much more. If the built-in functions aren’t hitting the right spot, maybe one of these might. so please follow these steps to get them to Block Unknown Numbers on Android.

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